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February 2022 – I went in last week for an evaluation to get a root canal redone. Dr. Do was able to start the process the same day and it’s already feeling better. Super impressed with him and his whole staff. Great experience. JF

February 2022 – Fantastic staff and doctors. I am terribly afraid of the dentist and due to putting off regular appointments, had to have a root canal performed. Dr Thomas and her staff understood my anxiety and were able to keep me calm during what I expected to be a horrible experience. All the anxiety was unfounded though as they did an amazing job with no discomfort at anytime. I feel like a new man now that I have had the procedure done and couldn’t be more grateful for their professionalism and level of skill with which they handled such a difficult patient as myself. Although I wouldn’t recommend a root canal if not needed, I highly recommend this office for any procedure that you must have done. You guys are the best. Thank you. CJ

January 2022 – Great experience with Dr. Do. Front office was on point. I knew the potential cost prior to my appointment. She even got me in sooner! Dr. Do’s team made my experience very enjoyable. Can’t say enough about how great they were! KP

January 2022 – Wonderful experience with Dr. Do and his amazing staff. I highly recommend them for your endodontic needs! AC

August 2021 – Dr. Thomas & Staff, Thank you for your kindness & willingness to answer my questions before, during & after my recent dental procedure. From the first phone call until I completed my appointment, your professionalism & compassion shown through. DD

July 2021 – I went to Dr. Thomas today for a complicated root canal procedure. She was so patient and caring, I was put totally at ease. I don’t really understand why some people terribly fear this procedure so much, when there are specialists like Dr. Thomas to make it, not pleasant, but certainly easy to endure. I confess that I felt no real pain at all. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas if you do ever need a root canal done! JF

May 2021 -Thank you so much for getting me in the office so quickly. I am so thankful that I did not have tooth pain over the weekend. I am very thankful for the kindness you showed me when I visited the office. I will definitely recommend this practice and share my story. BS

January 2021- God bless you ladies for taking such amazing care of me getting my root canal done. I so appreciate the compassion you showed me from the minute I walked in your door. I truly value your commitment to serving this area with all your dental excellence. I am pain free and owe it all to Dr. Thomas. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. AH

December 2020—Dr Thomas & Staff, From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking care of me the day before Thanksgiving! I truly appreciate your caring & kindness. DM

September 2020—Dr. Thomas was amazing. She wasn’t rushed and she explained everything. I was nervous going in but ended up nodding off while she worked. KJ

September 2020—Had a wonderful experience from start to finish at this practice. The entire office staff was helpful and friendly. Dr. Thomas fit me in for a last minute emergency root canal, same day, and it was smooth and pain free. Would highly recommend. NN

June 2020—From the initial phone call to the actual root canal everyone in Dr. Thomas’s office where cordial and professional. I do not and will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone. I have had a root canal before but this one was painless. Thank you Dr. Thomas. SD

March 2020—I thought I would never say, “It was a pleasure going to an endodontist to get not one, but two root canals”. I have had pedicures that were more traumatic. From the moment you enter her office you get a sense of being at the epicenter of professionalism, calm, and compassion. Dr. Thomas’s 31 years of being an endodontist, including eight years in the Navy and being deployed during Operation Iraq, has served her well. While in her company you get the feeling, you are the only patient on that day’s schedule. There is no sense of rush as she extensively answers your questions and will allay your fears in a professional and assuring manner. She has the gift of blending compassion and even humor when needed. My only regret is she doesn’t do general dentistry as I would look forward to becoming her first patient. RW

January 2020—I was referred to Dr. Thomas for a possible root canal. She was super thorough, very informative and answered all my questions. Thankfully, no root canal is needed at this time! Turns out my sinuses are most likely the “root” of the problem. The staff is great and I highly recommend her! DJ

January 2020—Dr. Thomas was excellent in getting me out of pain. My situation required a comprehensive evaluation to identify the teeth in question, and with a conservative approach, she was able to find each tooth that needed surgery. She kept me informed of every step during each procedure. An apicoectomy and multiple root canals later, I was back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas’s top-notch care and all of Winchester Endodontics’ friendly staff. JL

October 2019—I thought this was a great office. The staff was friendly and empathetic and Dr. Thomas was also personable and, at the same time, a no-nonsense, let’s- get-this-done professional. I was happy to find such a high-caliber office in Winchester. Highly recommended. BA

September 2019—I feel like you should know that I have no pain at all after the root canal. No pain last night, no pain this morning, no pain at all. Wow, I can’t thank you enough for such great care. I really appreciate all the time you took to answer my myriad questions too. So there you go, PAINLESS ROOT CANAL right here in Winchester brought to you by Dr. Katherine Thomas! PD

August 2019—It’s difficult to describe how grateful I am for your wonderful work. Your professionalism, optimistic attitude, scrupulous approach saved my tooth, which to tell you the truth, I considered “lost” already. There was no pain after the appointment. Thank you for your work, for making your patients comfortable and confident, and saving our teeth! EL

July 2019— I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to accommodate me over the past month! You were all so kind, caring and professional! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so wonderful! God bless ya’ll, CV

February 2019 —- I would rather give birth to twins than sit in a dental chair. I cannot say enough about my positive and comfortable experience with Katherine Thomas, DDS and her staff. Dr. Thomas recognized my issue, took time to explain what she felt was the next step, and fully explained options and any procedure that may be needed. This is one dental chair I won’t mind revisiting.    LW

April 2018 —- I was referred to Dr. Thomas by my dentist. I needed a root canal which apparently had 4 canals in that particular tooth. This was my first root canal and I was a little nervous to say the least. Dr. Thomas was extremely professional and had a great disposition. She explained everything to me and eased my mind. I did not feel one ounce of pain due to her numbing techniques. This is the day after and her office called to check on me. I am extremely lucky that I am not experiencing any discomfort.  KN

September 2017 —- Dr. Thomas was very helpful, kind, and knowledgeable during a consultation with me about an abscess tooth. Would definitely recommend her!  SB

February 2015 —- I took my teenage son to Dr. Thomas for a difficult and complicated root canal procedure. He had had a root canal on that same tooth several years before by a general dentist but one of the tooth’s several root canals had been missed. Dr. Thomas was able to determine what had happened and then proceed to reopen the tooth and painstakingly proceed to set things right. I was both gratified and highly impressed with her professionalism and high degree of skill. Dr. Thomas has excellent tools to complement her considerable skills and her professional services were rendered in a very “high tech” environment – in a pleasant office with a great view and a wonderful support staff. Dr Thomas is engaging and reassuring and has a great “chair-side” manner. Obviously her experience as a dentist in the military had given her a very solid foundation in dental practice and I can’t say enough good about our experience under her treatment. My son had no pain or discomfort and feels that she was very gentle and considerate of his comfort. All in all she’s a great dentist. DS